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Company Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Penelope Kollyrou, MD
Chief Medical Advisor

Born in the USA, Dr. Penelope Kollyrou, MD studied medicine from the University of Patras, Greece. She is a board-certified dermatologist who likes being on the cutting edge of technological and medical innovations. Dr. Penelope carefully evaluates the scientific principles and safety of new treatments and procedures she makes available to her patients. Her practice philosophy is to actively collaborate with her patients on an ongoing basis. She also educates and trains dermatologists from all over the country and provides cosmetic and medical advice for inner and outer body health. She has conducted many high profile workshops that are attended by MDs on cardiology, internal medicine, pathology and dermatology.

Dr. Penelope also heads the Wellness Help Desk of Care-O-Lives family providing strategic inputs to the top management and its users from all across the world

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