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Sea Buckthorn Oil Harvesting Process

In the early hours of dawn when the berries are dew-ridden, local women, with their wooden baskets and sticks, venture into the desert oasis to harvest them in order to ensure that they yield the maximum nutrition possible. The thorny nature of the bush and the tender and small stature of the berries make their harvesting extremely tedious. In order to ensure that both the plant and the berries don't get damaged, the basket is placed under the plant and the branches are gently tapped till the ripe berries fall into them.

They are then immediately transported to the processing units where they are cleaned, washed and subsequently processed into pulp. The pulp is then stored and transported for further processing using state of the art facilities to bring you the perfect blend of the ancient and the modern.

The Sea Buckthorn harvesting season is from late August to early October. The roads connecting Spiti to the outside world are threatened with closure from October onwards and immediately after the harvesting season the processed pulp has to be transported out of Spiti. This timing clash with the apple season in lower Spiti and Upper Kinnaur as a result of which there is a real battle for trucks which ultimately results in their price being twice the normal price.

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