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Associating with Care-O-Lives can be an instant decision as it involves a simple process. One can choose to be either a Preferred Customer (PC) or an Independent Distributor (ID) of its finest wellness products. Both options are absolutely free with no registration charges or membership fee whatsoever and come with lifetime validity. However, to be an Independent Distributor, the applicant must be an Indian citizen aged 18 and above and must have a valid PAN (Permanent Account Number).

Care-O-Lives is a legitimate direct selling company that sells value for money wellness products. It does not pay any sales commission or financial incentives of any types on referring or introducing any number of new people, whatsoever. Since the registration process is absolutely free, there is no question of offering any financial incentives on recruiting more people. Period.

Care-O-Lives pays sales incentives to its Independent Distributors only on the purchase of its finest quality wellness products both manufactured locally and imported from Greece, either for personal use or for genuine retailing. It offers a flat 15% retail profit on personal purchases while under special promotional offers, the products are sold at a whopping discount of as high as up to 40%.

Apart from retail profits, Care-O-Lives also offers various types of bonuses on group sales as per the terms and conditions of its compensation plan. It offers Instant Retail Profit, First Purchase Bonus, Team Building Bonus, Rank Bonus, Diamond Bonus and 1-Star to 5-Star Rewards without any time limit with complete sales volume accumulation. Re-purchasing products worth 400CV (i.e. approximately Rs.850) every 28 calendar days is essential to remain Active in the business, which fundamentally makes it a retail-based business.

With world class training and support system, Care-O-Lives empowers each and every associate to conduct a business successfully and profitably, directly proportional to their individual and team efforts. While there is no free lunch for anyone, the potential to earn is unlimited, subject to reaching out its wellness products to masses. Kindly speak to the person who referred you to this web site and get started right now!

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