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Care-O-Lives groups comprises of two distinct business entities in Greece and in India. While Care-O-Lives Ltd is a Greece based company that mainly focuses on sourcing breakthrough global wellness products, Care All Lives Marketing Pvt. Ltd is an India based company that is engaged in both physical as well as intellectual distribution of Wellness within the union territory of India.

Dr. Triantafillos Tzelepis is the Founder Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Care-O-Lives Ltd. Greece. He is the person instrumental in establishing Care-O-Lives Ltd in Greece. It is his vision and passion to lead the company to the top in the field of nutrition as well as health & wellness, responsible for Care-O-Lives making rapid strides in the global wellness arena. Dr. Trian is an excellent communicator, has great analytical skills and well-networked around the globe with more than 10 years of experience in the Wellness and direct selling industry. With its vision and mission, Care-O-Lives is destined to reach specific milestones on the global world map as a reputed Wellness player under his able leadership.

Dr. Triantafillos Tzelepis, MD
Founder Chairman
& Chief Executive Officer
Care-O-Lives Ltd. (Greece)

A medical doctor by profession, specializing in the field of gynecology, Dr. Trian has immense experience on natural nutritional supplements and their positive effects on the overall health of humans. With the global health standards deteriorating sharply, he felt the need for a system that would make available essential nutritional products within the reach of a common man. He is ably supported by Dr. Penelope Kollyorou, a qualified dermatologist bringing in her vast experience to Care-O-Lives family.

Mr. Shahid Shaikh is the Managing Director of Care All Lives Marketing Pvt. Ltd., India, who leads Care-O-Lives family from the front. .

With academic background in the field of commerce from Mumbai University, Mr. Shaikh started his entrepreneur career in the IT industry by being a successful CEO of his firm, Imprints Computer Solutions that had corporate clients like Glaxo, Ambuja Cements, Philips, Ranbax etc. With over 10 years of experience in the wellness and direct selling industry backing him, he formed Care-O-Lives family, in collaboration with Dr. Trian from Greece, as a perfect platform for like-minded people to build a legitimate new-age career. He is deeply committed to make a difference in thousands of peoples’ lives by nurturing Care-O-Lives as a sustainable global wellness enterprise that is highly ethical and completely legal.

Mr. Shahid Shaikh
Managing Director
Care All Lives Marketing Pvt. Ltd (India)

Care-O-Lives family is well supported by seasoned industry professionals who provide quality leadership at the top. The company employs a team of well-qualified and experienced staff who are willing to serve you with a smile.

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