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Company Message from Chairman


Greetings of Wellness!

I sincerely thank you for visiting our web site. I acknowledge your kind gesture and appreciate your interest in knowing the secrets of natural living.

I am pleased to inform you that Care-O-Lives is the only Greek company in the world that offers Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly to its end-users. We are the first company in the world that has introduced this precious product at its purest form with its enormous health benefits to all of you. This amazing gift of God to humans is the only product that has been used since ages and has historically proven its prodigious value. I encourage you to join hands with us in our mission of taking this super nourishing food to masses. I am sure very soon every family in India will use our finest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and experience incredible health benefits.

No matter what level of experience or background you have, Care-O-Lives provides you an excellent opportunity to build your own wellness business. We combine the right product, the right timing and the right pay plan to make Care-O-Lives truly special.

I invite you to associate with us in our mission of creating a World of Wellness.

Think global, act local
Dr. Triantafillos Tzelepis
Founder Chairman & CEO

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