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Care-O-Lives Diabacare Nutritional Facts

The nutritional facts of Care-O-Lives DiabaCare are as follows:

Serving Size

1 tablet


Amount per serving

% daily value


Gymnema Sylvestre Extract

500 mg


(Standardized to contain 25% gymnemic acid)

Chromium Picolinate

100 mcg


Vanadyl Sulfate

10 mg


Care-O-Lives utilizes a superior form of Gymnema that has a high level of standardized gymnemic acids to help ensure its effects on sugar metabolism. Chromium Picolinate helps ensure an adequate daily Chromium intake, which may be at sub-optimal levels in many individuals. By supporting sugar, fat and protein metabolism all in one convenient supplement Vanadyl Sulfate increases its efficacy. All in all, Care-O-Lives Diabacare is an extremely powerful dietary supplement that has ingredients backed by scientific research and testing.

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