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Direct selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location, marketed through independent sales representatives who are sometimes also referred to as consultants, distributors and many such titles.

Direct sellers are not employees of the company. They are independent contractors who market and sell the products or services of a company to retail customers in return for a commission.

Direct Selling, also referred to as the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing, offers an unparalleled opportunity for a common man to create one’s own success story. In USA, the direct selling industry has created more millionaires than any other industry, offering unlimited possibilities to committed individuals with serious work ethics.

With a sales force of over 60 million independent distributors worldwide, the industry exceeds an annual turnover of US$ 120 Billion, in the organized sector alone. This could well be the tip of the iceberg considering massive business activities in the unorganized sector too, which is not actually accounted for, literally in every single country.

With the arrival of the Internet, direct selling is completely transformed worldwide. Today, every direct selling company has its online presence. Online conferences, webinars, podcasts and home meetings are some of the widely used successful sales method, where friends, family or acquaintances congregate for a specific time to learn about the company, its products and the compensation plan. However, the maximum sale actually occurs when an independent distributor (seller) meets a prospective customer (buyer) in a one-on-one meeting, where usually informative product demonstrations are given. Just about any product or a service can be purchased through direct selling somewhere in the world. Categories like food supplements, wellness products, insurance, education, real estate, holidays, leisure and travel have performed very well amongst direct sellers.

Direct selling in India has become quite a popular sales method since the late 1990’s but it still largely a fragmented industry due to lack of industry-specific legislation. Exploiting such an ambiguous situation to their advantage, many unscrupulous players have floated many Ponzi schemes, Pyramid schemes, collective investment schemes and illegal Internet-based businesses, cheating greed-driven gullible public, seriously jeopardizing the credibility of this legitimate industry. Unfortunately, at times in India, legitimate direct selling business models have been equated with illegal business activities due to lack of adequate understanding of how this new-age business model works. Distinguishing legitimate direct selling businesses from fraudulent ones is extremely crucial to safeguard ones money, credibility and needless heartburn. Adequate education and awareness about this 21st century business model is the need of the hour.

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