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Health Benefits of Olive Oil Inner Body Care


Olive oil contains a wide variety of valuable antioxidants that are not found in other oils. Hydroxytyrosol is thought to be the main antioxidant compound in olives, and plays a significant role in the many health benefits attributed to olive oil.

Olive Oil has a protective effect against certain malignant tumors Epidemiological studies suggest that olive oil has a protective effect against certain malignant tumors in the breast, prostate, endometrium, colon cancer and digestive tract. Research has revealed that the type rather than the quantity of fat seems to have more implications for cancer incidence.

Olive Oil reduces the risk of coronary heart disease
Evidence from epidemiological studies also suggests that a higher proportion of monounsaturated fats in the diet is linked with a reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease. This is significant because olive oil is considerably rich in monounsaturated fats, most notably oleic acid. As they are the least processed forms of olive oil, extra virgin or virgin olive oil have more monounsaturated fatty acids than any other olive oil. These types also contain more polyphenols, which may have benefits for the heart.
Olive oil helps to reduce blood pressure
A study was done in 2002 that showed that Virgin Olive Oil might help with lowering cholesterol. The results? After one week of taking olive oil daily, the blood tests showed that the participants had higher levels of phenol and Vitamin E in their bodies. The study shows you how powerful olive oil can be and how it can help control healthy cholesterol levels.
Anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, antihypertensive as well as vasodilatory effects of Olive Oil
There is a large body of clinical data to show that consumption of olive oil can provide heart health benefits such as favorable effects on cholesterol regulation and LDL cholesterol oxidation, and that it exerts anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, antihypertensive as well as vasodilatory effects both in animals and in humans. Additionally, olive oil protects against heart disease as it controls the "bad" levels of LDL cholesterol and raises levels of the "good" cholesterol, HDL.
Olive Oil and pregnancy, childhood
Olive Oil plays a key role in fetal development during pregnancy and a shortage may have pernicious effects on the baby's subsequent development. It has been demonstrated that the post-natal development of babies of mothers who consumed Olive Oil when pregnant is better in terms of height, weight, behavior and psychomotor reflexes. The fetus needs vitamin E to grow. The newborn baby also needs a store of vitamin E to fight against the oxidative stress caused on entering an oxygen atmosphere. Vitamin E is also recommended for premature and new-born infants with kidney or pancreas failure because of the favorable effect it has on the hepato-biliary system. Although not very abundant in olive oil, it is present in sufficient quantity thanks to the resistance of Olive Oil to oxidation. But Olive Oil not only provides enough essential fatty acids for the development of the new-born child; its ratio of linoleic acid to linolenic acid (essential fatty acids) is similar to that of breast milk. The beneficial effect of oleic acid lasts beyond pregnancy. Besides its documented effectiveness in preventing hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis, which is a process that can begin in childhood, oleic acid also appears to exert a positive influence on growth and bone mineralization and development during infancy.
Olive Oil and osteoporosis
Olive Oil appears to have a favorable effect on bone calcification, and bone mineralization better the more olive oil is consumed. It helps calcium absorption, thereby playing an important part during the period of growth and in the prevention of osteoporosis.
Dissolves Kidney Stones
Drinking water helps flush your kidneys of kidney stones, but olive oil helps ease the pain associated with passing the stones. The use of olive oil for kidney stones is a folk remedy that doesn't require a special detox, cleansing or fasting regime. Gayle Alleman, author of "The Healing Power of Garlic, Vinegar, & Olive Oil" says that olive oil helps coat the kidney stones traveling down the urethra, making it easier to pass them when urinating.
Olive Oil has shown beneficial effects on ulcers and gastritis
Using olive oil as main dressing oil helps prevent constipation and in general maintain the digestive tract in good health.
Olive Oil helps Against Constipation
Olive oil is unlikely to cause allergic reactions, and as such is used in preparations for lipophilic drug ingredients. It does have demulcent properties, and mild laxative properties, acting as a stool softener.
Olive Oil Against Diabetes
An olive-oil-rich diet is not only a good alternative in the treatment of diabetes; it may also help to prevent or delay the onset of the disease. It does so by preventing insulin resistance and its possible pernicious implications by raising HDL-cholesterol, lowering triglycerides, and ensuring better blood sugar level control and lower blood pressure. These benefits have been documented both in child and adult diabetes.
Helps Against Borborygmus
Olive oil is also a potent blocker of intestinal contractions, and can be used to treat excessive Borborygmus. Incomplete digestion of food can lead to excess gas in the intestine. Borborygmus is a rumbling or gurgling noise that occurs from the movements of fluid and gas in the intestines.
Stop a Throat Tickle
Take a sip of olive oil to stop the itchy flicker that is making you cough.
Stop Snoring
Take a sip of olive oil before heading to bed. It lubricates throat muscles, and stop yourself, or your partner, from snoring.
1tbsp of olive oil (13.5g) contains the following nutritional information according to the USDA:
Calories : 119
Fat: 13.50
Fibers: 0
Protein: 0
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